I was part of your weeklong TOB course in Pennsylvania, in June of 2007. What I learned in that week changed my life. My healing journey continued for several more years, but the cornerstone to my hope was when I heard you share (based on JPII’s teachings) that there was a place of innocence within [...]


Both of us were virgins when we were married. We thought that was all that we needed in our marriage. After listening to your CDs we realized there was so much more. We fell in love with the TOB and made it our goal in our marriage to live by this teaching and to bring [...]


Thank you so much for all you do and for the wonderful event I met you at in Calgary. I told my friends I got a hug they know how much healing I got from this teaching,..Awesome. I love St.JohnPaul the Great for his loving imitation of Our Heavenly Father and teaching this wonderful Truth. [...]