Dear Christopher, thank you! I love the video(s) I am sharing them with my family!


Your Living From the Cor video journals have been a huge inspiration for me. I’m going through some really tough challenges these days and your messages are resonating deep within.


Thank you! All I can say at this moment about the Cor talk you sent this month is WOW!!!! I was so inspired and blessed through it! I am going to be sending it to as many friends and family as I can think of who would be inspired by it as well. This (Cor [...]


These daily bits are such gifts to me and Undoubtedly countless others. They are truly a beautiful opportunity to reflect on as I begin the day and throughout it all. God bless you and the good work you are doing for our Lord.

Mary Alice

These (Living from the Cor) videos are awesome. :) Thank you for adding these to the way you communicate with us. I think they are great! It makes me feel...connected... to you and to the mission.