LOVE THE VIDEOS! It’s having the following effect on me:

1. It’s as though we have a personal relationship and we have never met! Your videos are from the heart, not rehearsed, just a moment of time that you grab to evangelize by sharing an experience, a thought, a Catholic teaching. It’s very real. The fact that you record them in the car, on a plane, at 3 AM when you can’t sleep, makes it real too. And, the fact that you take that time to do this makes me feel like you care about me as your sister in Christ.

2. I am on the West Coast so they come in early. I wake in the mornings and offer my day to the Lord with a few minutes of prayer. Then I get up and before I get the kids up I read my Jesus Calling book along with the corresponding Bible passages. I have made watching your video part of that morning routine. The content is that special to me. I liked the video this morning about looking for the dignity in all humans rather than being judgmental and I plan to have my 13 year old son watch it later.

I think you are doing things right. We are all thirsting for truth and authentic love and it will be well received in any package…as long as it holds truth, as your messages do and so well framed in real life moments. The Holy Spirit is doing a great work through you. Thank you for your receptivity and openness to Him!